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GRACE VYCOR™ SELECT™ roofing underlayment is a lightweight and easy-to-handle material, measuring 25 mils (0.64 mm) in thickness. Its advanced rubberized asphalt formulation meets industry standards for fastener sealability, despite being thinner and lighter than many comparable products. The release liner backing protects the adhesive quality, which can be easily applied to the roof deck after removal. The membrane comes in a 195 ft2 (18.1 m2) roll, 36 inches (914 mm) wide, with a RIPCORD® feature for convenient application in detail areas. GRACE VYCOR™ SELECT™ offers numerous benefits, including its lightweight nature which eases transport and handling. It also provides self-sealing properties meeting key building code standards. The slip-resistant surface ensures traction without compromising water integrity, even in hot weather conditions. The membrane's unique RIPCORD® feature makes application more efficient, particularly in detailed sections like valleys and dormers. Addit...See More

Features & Benefits

The 195 ft2 roll weighs only a fraction of what competitive materials weigh making transport and handling easier.
Self sealing
The membrane meets key building code standards for nail sealability of self-adhered roofing underlayments.
Split Release on demand feature makes GRACE VYCOR™ SELECT™ underlayment easier to apply. Faster application of the membrane in the straight-aways, as well as ease of membrane positioning in detail areas (valleys, around dormers, etc.).
Grace Select Underlayment installed on roof

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