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The CertainTeed SG-420 Duct Board Grooving Machine is a powerful, high-performance solution designed for swift and efficient duct board grooving. Driven by a robust 3/4 horsepower electric motor, it boasts four drive rollers that expertly guide the duct board through 21 precision-ground, hardened blades. This meticulous process consistently delivers well-defined contours and duct dimensions, rendering it highly suitable for a diverse range of applications. Notably, the SG-420 easily adapts to groove duct boards of various sizes, including 1 IN, 1.5 IN, and 2 IN. Achieving accurate positioning for different duct sizes is a straightforward and precise task when utilizing the SG-420. In addition to duct board grooving, the SG-420 possesses the versatility to groove spiral duct liner as well. It achieves this with a specialized set of blades designed explicitly for creating a spiral groove in the duct liner. This unique feature enables the duct liner to be readily formed into a spiral du...See More

Features & Benefits

Product Use
Intended to cut and fabricate square, rectangular and round duct using fiberglass ductboard in thickness up to 2"
Machine Durability
Structural steel construction, durable powder coat finish
Foot-actuated switch for safe, dependable operation
Easy access to all working parts, swivel casters with two brakes

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