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CertainTeed's GlasRoc Interior Drywall is an innovative solution for those looking to create a high-performance, fire-resistant, and moisture-resistant wall. Made from high-quality materials, GlasRoc Interior Drywall provides superior protection against moisture, mold, and other common problems associated with drywall installations. GlasRoc Interior Drywall features a unique design that includes a reinforced fiberglass mat embedded in a gypsum core, providing exceptional strength and durability. This design ensures that the wall remains intact and stable, even in high-moisture areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Easy to install, GlasRoc Interior Drywall can be cut to size using a utility knife or saw, ensuring a perfect fit for any project. Its lightweight construction also makes it easy to handle and work with, reducing the risk of fatigue and injury during installation. Designed to resist moisture and mold, GlasRoc Interior Drywall is an ideal option for areas t...See More

Features & Benefits

-Offers superior weather resistance for wall and ceiling applications -Provides enhanced protection against mold and mildew (10 out of 10 score per ASTM D3273)
-GREENGUARD Gold certified
Applicable Standards
-Compliant with ASTM C1658 -Certified to ASTM E84 / CAN/ULC-S102 -Certified to ASTM E119; UL Type designation GlasRoc -Certified to ASTM E136 / CAN/ULC-S114

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