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SmartFlash® ONE is a one-part, seamless, durable liquid applied polyurethane bitumen waterproofing resin. It is designed for flashing new or existing penetrations and construction details within low-slope modified bitumen and/or built-up roofing (BUR) roofing systems. SmartFlash® ONE is also a durable, long-term repair solution for flashings or cracks within a steep slope asphalt shingle roof. SmartFlash® ONE membranes form full closure to irregular flashings and penetrations of every imaginable shape, and eliminate the need for pitch pockets on low-slope penetration details. SmartFlash® ONE, when cured, virtually becomes part of the substrate. SmartFlash® ONE delivers one-part labor efficiency with two-part performance. Applied with no need for primer or A + B component mixing, contractors can work quickly without fear of the product setting up too fast or going to waste. Unused resin may be resealed and used on future projects. These application benefits are realized without...See More

Features & Benefits

Quick Specs
• Brown • Available in Flash Packs, as well as a la carte 1G and 5G pails • Dry Time 2-12 hours • Approximate coverage 17 sq.ft. per gallon
• Engineered for an excellent bond to a variety of roofing substrates including bituminous membranes, concrete, wood, sanded/ abraded rigid PVC pipe and metal • Conforms to irregular shapes
Why Buy
• One-part • Seamless new flashing • Permanent, warranted repair, significantly more labor efficient than a torch repair
When SmartFlash ONE is utilized for flashing as a component of an installation of a CertainTeed asphaltic low-slope roof system, SmartFlash ONE flashing details assume the warranty duration and coverage of the overall roof system, up to 20 years.  When SmartFlash ONE is utilized as a stand-alone product, outside of a new asphaltic low-slope roof system, CertainTeed offers 10-year no-leak limited warranty coverage.

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