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While SMARTCOAT™ 400 series coatings are direct-bond optimized for excellent adhesion to most roofing substrates without primer, some changing surfaces such as Kynar metal and TPO may require 210 Universal Primer before coating, as determined by an adhesion test. #210 is a highly engineered, single-component, water-based primer. If needed or specified, #210 can be applied to TPO, Concrete, Galvalume, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, and other common roofing substrates. Do not apply over silicone. In addition to improved adhesion of SMARTCOAT 400 series coatings, #210 imparts water-resistant qualities before these coatings are applied. SMARTCOAT roof restoration products numbers align with proper application sequence. • 100 Series: Clean • 200 Series: Prime/prepare surfaces only as needed • 300 Series: Seal • 400 Series: Coat Why tear off when you can restore? Restoring a roof and avoiding tear off labor can reduce project costs up to 40%. And since coatings are classifi...See More

Features & Benefits

Quick Specs
• Gray • 49 lbs. (5G) • Dry Time 2-4 Hours • Approximate coverage 1-1.5 gallon/100 sq.ft., surface dependent • Available in 5G pails, 55G drums and 275G totes
• Use only as needed • Enhances adhesion of SMARTCOAT 400 series coatings to difficult-to-adhere-to surfaces
Why Buy
• Optimize adhesion of SMARTCOAT 400 series coatings • Optimize application of SMARTCOAT 400 series coatings - #210 improves coating application yield and speed
CertainTeed offers SMARTCOAT product and product/workmanship warranties as well as CertainTeed Integrity Roof System Limited Warranty/NDL Limited Warranty SMARTCOAT Extensions, ranging from ten to twenty years for Gold Star Liquid-Applied Commercial Roofing Contractors.

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