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Asphaltic roof restoration SMARTCOAT 200 Asphalt Bleed Blocker is engineered to block bituminous oil exudate or “bleed-through” from staining SMARTCOAT 400 series coatings. #200 is a water-based formulation manufactured with premium acrylic resins. Though SMARTCOAT 400 series coatings do not require primer for adhesion to most bituminous surfaces such as built-up roofing (BUR) or modified asphalt, SMARTCOAT 200 also enhances adhesion to these substrates. Additionally, #200 enhances the application yield and speed of coatings with a smooth, uniform surface. SMARTCOAT roof restoration products numbers align with proper application sequence. • 100 Series: Clean • 200 Series: Prime/prepare surfaces only as needed • 300 Series: Seal • 400 Series: Coat Why tear off when you can restore? Restoring a roof and avoiding tear off labor can reduce project costs up to 40%. And since coatings are classified as a maintenance, there are tax advantages for building owners as well. P...See More

Features & Benefits

Quick Specs
• Gray • 57 lbs. (5G) • Dry Time 4-6 Hours • Approximate coverage 1-1.5 gallon/100 sq.ft., surface dependent • Available in 5G pails, 55G drums and 275G totes
• For use on asphaltic roof restorations • Prevents bituminous oil exudate or “bleed-through” from staining SMARTCOAT 400 series coatings
Why Buy
• Optimize reflectivity of SMARTCOAT 400 series coatings • Optimize application of SMARTCOAT 400 series coatings - #200 improves coating application yield and speed
CertainTeed offers SMARTCOAT product and product/workmanship warranties as well as CertainTeed Integrity Roof System Limited Warranty/NDL Limited Warranty SMARTCOAT Extensions, ranging from ten to twenty years for Gold Star Liquid-Applied Commercial Roofing Contractors.

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