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CertainTeed Gyptone® Acoustical Panels are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of various spaces, offering both visual and functional benefits. These elegant lay-in panels, available with or without perforated patterns, leave a lasting visual impression. In addition to their visual appeal, they excel in sound absorption, creating a pleasant acoustic environment. The panels also contribute to better air quality and have a minimal environmental impact due to their low VOC content. Installation and maintenance are made easy with compatibility with standard suspension systems. Featuring four unique perforation patterns—Gyptone Quattro 20™, Gyptone Sixto 60™, Gyptone Point 11™, and Gyptone Line 4™—these panels come with standard lay-in options featuring square or narrow reveal edges. The smooth, paintable surface further simplifies installation and upkeep. They also provide easy access to plenum spaces and resist sagging over time. Gyptone® Acoustical Panels find their ideal applications in retail spaces, airports, offices, schools, atriums, and corridors. Additionally, they incorporate Saint-Gobain's proprietary formaldehyde/VOC-scavenging technology, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. Health Product Declaration (HPD) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) are also available for these panels, providing transparency and information about their composition and environmental impact.

Features & Benefits

Dramatic Visuals
Unique, show-stopping impact with clean, contemporary aesthetics
Superior acoustic control
Up to NRC 0.85, ideal for office and educational applications
Low maintenance
Can be easily cleaned and continuously repainted without diminishing acoustics
Best-in-class air purification technology and helps reduce formaldehyde concentrations by up to 70%
Gypsum Gyptone Acoustical Ceiling in an office meeting room with three long tables and chairs

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