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North Carolina Townhome Development Paints a Vibrant Picture

Project details

Raleigh, N.C., homebuilder Prominence Homes took a bold approach to exterior cladding at Avondale, its new townhome development — an approach that utilizes 17 of the 40 vibrant shades from CertainTeed vinyl siding’s color palette.
     “When we started building Avondale, I was scared to death of color, but our customers began expressing interest in more than shades of white and beige,” says Bob Polanco, president of Prominence Homes. “I’d had great success with CertainTeed vinyl siding products over the years, so I looked for something bolder within their color selection. When I saw how broad their color palette actually is, I thought ‘Hallelujah! Somebody knows exactly what I’m looking for.’”
     With the help of Raleigh contractor Wendell Siding, Prominence Homes used CertainTeed vinyl siding’s wide variety of color options to give townhouse units a more individual appearance instead of letting them blend with adjacent units. Wendell Siding installed CertainTeed MainStreet™ vinyl siding in both Double 4- and 5-inch Woodgrain Clapboard profiles on the sides and backs of the townhouses and accented the fronts with CertainTeed Cedar Impressions® Double 7-inch Straight Edge Perfection Shingles. By using a mixture of bold colors Prominence Homes was able to paint a beautiful picture at Avondale.
     “Having a large variety of exterior color options is important to builders and homeowners who want to maximize curb appeal and give their home a unique personality,” says Brian Kirn, marketing manager for the CertainTeed Siding Products Group. “CertainTeed’s line of vinyl siding products answers this need with the broadest siding color palette in the industry. The Avondale community is a fine example of what can be done with this wide range of color options.”    
     The homeowners at Avondale are thrilled with the cornucopia of color seen throughout their development. Prominence Homes has received plenty of positive feedback from homeowners and prospective homebuyers of all ages.
     “They love the color on their homes, and they’ve been very complimentary of the colors on other homes throughout the neighborhood,” Polanco says.
     MainStreet Siding is available in 17 low-gloss colors and seven classic styles, it is virtually maintenance free, never needs painting and is backed by a lifetime, limited warranty.  Cedar Impressions Perfection Shingles feature 1/100-inch thick, durable polymer, enhanced by a Molded Perimeter Lock™ that creates a seamless appearance. Available in 31 colors, the shingles are virtually maintenance-free, tested to withstand hurricane-force winds and come with a lifetime, limited warranty.