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One of the key components of the dramatic lobby design is a custom-engineered Ceilencio® ceiling system with Claro® panels. Ceilencio gave Boston design architect Machado and Silvetti Associates complete freedom to create a beautiful 3,600 square-foot geometric ceiling design, featuring diamond-shaped panels that measure 11 feet x 8 feet. An integrated acoustical ceiling panel system with endless possibilities, Ceilencio offered a custom-engineered grid, ceiling panels and butterfly clips designed and manufactured to meet the specific demands of the challenging design, as well as the color the architect needed to complement the surrounding structure.

Ceilencio consists of a proprietary concealed extruded aluminum grid and panels with a clear vapor retarder backing. The grid is easy to install and 100-percent downward accessible via a unique torsion spring mechanism, which permits individual panels to be “hinged” down — or completely removed, if necessary — for convenient access to mechanical and electrical services. The grid is suspended using hanger wires, rods and similar suspension components.

Architects: Machado and Silvetti
Location: Madison, WI, USA
Products: Decoustics Claro®, Decoustics Ceilencio®
Attributes: Cutout, Custom-Shaped, Net
Photography: Anton Grassel / Esto

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