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Two men installing MemBrain Continuous Air Barrier.

Moisture Management & Water Resistance 

Unwanted moisture can be a health threat—to buildings and people. Let us help you guard against it.  

It's All Relative

The North American climate varies significantly from region to region, and it has a direct impact on building moisture management strategies. In other words, where you are affects what you need to do.

Ensure the long-term integrity and performance of the structure by considering moisture management suitable to the local climate.

Humidity Levels
Temperature Extremes
Rainfall, Precipitation, and Flooding
Snow and Ice
Building Design and Construction Codes
Building Envelope and HVAC Systems   

Three Challenges We'll Help You Meet

From exterior to interior and places in between, take charge of these three factors to stay ahead of potential problems.


Temperature Control

Maintaining a consistent temperature doesn’t just lower costs, it prevents unwanted condensation from growing into larger health and structural hazards. Insulating walls and ducts is the key to consistency.

Humidity Management

You know what the most common source of interior moisture buildup is? Not water. Water Vapor. Limit condensation by controlling it with materials that prevent water retention at every layer. Plan ahead with strategic material choices.


Intruding water will take—and make—many paths. Vapor barriers, sealants, and low-moisture retention materials ensure unwanted moisture stays out. Seal cracks to prevent buildup on surfaces and in cavities.