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IBS Wrapped: Top 10 Picks & Trends we saw at #IBS2023


By Tim Hutchinson on February 6th, 2023

1. Resiliency. Extreme Weather is our New Normal.

Building for climate resiliency was a top conversation throughout the show, whether for hurricane and wind resistance in the southeast US, or fire-resistant solutions for wildland urban interfaces (WUI) where wildfires are increasing. High performance solutions to address the impacts of climate change are—and must continue to be—a growing focus across the industry.

Landmark ClimateFlex® shingles have an industry-leading Class 4 rating for protection against hail and all-weather performance.

Cedar Impressions® siding is designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

2. Building Science is Center Stage

Offerings that leverage building science to optimize air, water, heat, acoustics, and vapor management were grabbing attention, as smart design for efficiency and comfort holds huge promise for the future of the industry. We spotlighted our own solutions within the emerging world of high-end prefabricated offsite construction that is custom-designed for the environment and can be built onsite in a single day.

“If you don’t design for air, heat, water, and vapor, you don’t have a building – you have a tent.” – Will Lentlie, Senior Research Engineer, CertainTeed

3. Getting “The Look”

Inspired by a new wave of design influencers, we see sleek, modern exteriors and stark, bold palettes having a moment.

The array of exterior siding options in diverse aesthetics at the show was impressive, and some of our unique products like CERTAplank® and Cedar Impressions® received a lot of positive feedback.

Meanwhile, the intense color of our Landmark Solaris® shingles stole attention at the show, delivering on the trend toward dark while solving for unwanted heat absorption with its cool-roof technology.

4. Solar, Solar, Solar.

Solar stole the show, and our roof-integrated solar tiles—which we provide as an integrated system with our shingles, underlayment, and newly acquired GRACE Ice & Water Shield®—was the most popular highlight in our booth.

We believe solar is a natural extension of the roof, and of the home, and are excited to see more movement in this direction.

Our team has deep appreciation for what it takes to build a home, and strong partnerships within the construction community; these are helping us play a critical role in driving the forward momentum of the solar movement.

Stay Tuned: Coming to the International Roofing Expo? Get ready for a big reveal in solar from CertainTeed.

5. Multiple Performance Products

We saw a trend towards products that combine multiple technical and operational performance attributes into one single product, especially around air, water and heat control, fireproofing, and mechanical strength. Reduced complexity and construction speed are a universal aim, and these products are seeking to deliver on that promise.

6. Turning Waste into Something New

Whether it’s a byproduct of the manufacturing process or waste created at the job site, we’re encouraged to see more companies joining the effort to reduce waste through creative partnerships and solutions. Even better is rethinking the life cycle of a product, and turning waste into something useful, such as recycled product.

Did you know: CertainTeed’s vinyl siding recycling programs turn cut-off into new product, and our used asphalt shingles find their next life in highways across the country.

7. Labor-Saving: The Need for Speed.

Across the industry, shortages in available workforce are driving innovation. We saw a number of new, interesting solutions, including many for interior finishing, in particular. In our booth demonstrations of the award-winning NO-COAT® PRO drywall corner machine, which increases productivity by 25%, drew a continual crowd and was a finalist for the IBS Innovation Awards.

8. Exterior Insulation: An Emerging Category

Our team fielded a lot of questions about exterior insulation: how our customers should be thinking about it and what the product implications are. From a building science perspective, we rely on it as a solution to prevent condensation in the wall, and an integral tool for energy performance. Exterior Insulation, or Continuous Insulation (CI), and other methods of increasing a building’s performance will continue to be topics that gain momentum.

9. Indoor Air Quality Awareness is Growing

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been getting some attention in the press, and we heard the buzz at the show as well. There is growing homeowner awareness of VOC’s emitted by home appliances, mechanical systems, and furnishings, and the impacts of air quality on health and wellbeing. Many CertainTeed products already have the UL Greenguard Certification for ultra-low or no emissions. We are glad this important topic is gaining an increasing voice, as it’s central to occupant experience.

10. Systems > Products

CertainTeed’s promise to our customers is one of the broadest portfolios of products in the world, with systems-based solutions that meet almost any need our customers have. We believe our customers don’t simply want a product; rather, they’re solving a challenge or seizing an opportunity. It’s our mission to partner together to make the world a better home, and we extend thanks to our customers and the industry for the chance to do so.

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