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Financial Advisor Embraces CertainTeed Solar System as a Smart Investment for his Home

Solar System: CertainTeed Solstice

System warranty: Solstice Gold 25-year product and installation workmanship warranty

System size: 13.54 kW (43 all-black CT 315HC11-04 modules)

Annual energy generation:  16,587 kWh

Percentage of energy use offset: 99%

Expected annual energy savings: $1944 annually

Installer: Southern Exposure Solar LLC (a CertainTeed Master Solar Installer) of Ashland, VA

How it happened:

billups solstice system (2).jpg

This homeowner is a financial advisor who had been heavily researching the feasibility of adding solar to his home. While environmental impacts were a factor in his decision, it was more about the financial impact – his goal was to get a system that would offset almost all of his electrical usage, plus generate enough energy to charge an electric vehicle.

When the time came for him to replace his aging asphalt shingle roof, it presented the ideal opportunity to add a rooftop solar system as well.

During his research, he dug heavily into ‘the numbers’, and even spoke with a client who recently purchased a solar system to talk about their solar experience. He determined that solar would be a great return on investment, and was further convinced by the available federal tax incentives that totaled nearly $10K. He ‘went solar’ with a 13.54 kW Solstice® solar system, and has been very happy with the decision. 

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He also put a fair amount of time and energy into finding the right installer. He looked into six installers, ultimately choosing Southern Exposure Solar of Ashland, Virginia. Southern Exposure Solar, a CertainTeed-credentialed solar installer, had the experience and strong reputation the homeowner was looking for, and they also spoke with him for an hour on the phone to answer all of his questions.

In choosing a Solstice system that was installed by a credentialed CertainTeed Master Solar Installer, the homeowner is afforded the most comprehensive warranty in the solar industry – a 25-year warranty that protects not only all CertainTeed components, but also the installing workmanship. Further, by choosing a CertainTeed Landmark asphalt shingle roof to replace his old roof, the homeowner has both his shingle roof and rooftop solar system warranted by CertainTeed. This provides the benefit of a single-source warranty in the rare instance that something goes wrong, thereby avoiding the ‘finger pointing’ that can emerge with separate firms when trying to identify who is liable for any issues.


By all accounts, the homeowner states that the Solstice system is fulfilling his solar goal. His electricity payments are miniscule, and he just picked up a new electric vehicle that he charges at home. He is even advocating solar to some of his clients, suggesting that they consider building solar into their retirement plan, as it can free up cash flow that can get put to use elsewhere.  

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