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The lobby of Seminole Hard Rock Hotel looking up at Decoustics Claro 3D ceiling.

Fiberglass Acoustical Solutions: From Elegantly Simple to Strikingly Artistic


Lightweight. Durable. Incredibly sound absorbent. It’s no wonder fiberglass is the material of choice for acoustical ceiling and wall treatments. CertainTeed Architectural offers sound-absorbing fiberglass in forms for every space and budget. Choose from standard ceiling tiles and fantastically shaped clouds and baffles, to our premium Decoustics line for concealed edge and virtually seamless panels that provide a monolithic appearance.

With the help of our experts in acoustical design and engineering, we can ensure you have everything you need to create a complete system that meets your projects acoustical and aesthetic requirements.


Ceiling Panels 

Choose panels in a variety of visuals and edge treatments, including smooth finish products with NRC as high as 1.00.

Clouds & Baffles

Free your imagination with a host of shapes, colors, curves, and waves that elevate sound control to sculptural art.

Wall Panels
Wall Panels

Boost the sound absorption in spaces large or small with the addition of durable, colorful, and creative wall-mounted panels and systems.

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