The living room is trending towards designing a flexible space that can accommodate increasingly diverse families and homeowners. The living room is a space that can adapt with you through your different phases of life. Whether that is adding upscale decorative features such as trim, moulding and window treatments or updating to the latest entertainment system. Your living room walls need to handle all the updates without showing all the history. 


People spend 90% of their time indoors. So the air quality of the environment is extremely important. Homeowners are more focused than ever on providing a healthier indoor living space for their family. With AirRenew Drywall you can deliver it! AirRenew is the first drywall of its kind that actively cleans the air by permanently removing formaldehyde. 

CertainTeed has a full line of drywall finishing products that can be used throughout your home, including in your living room.

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