Common Areas

These high traffic transitional spaces are prone to bumps and dents due to daily activites in the home. Make sure your walls and corners are protected from the backpacks, sport equiment, umbrellas and shoes with a highly durable drywall system.


Don’t let your creativity be hindered by your walls. Habito combines the strength of old world plaster with modern day drywall. Because it holds an incredible weight- up to 30 lbs - on a single screw* with no wall anchors required, Habito lets you design and redesign with limited damage left behind. So mounting TV shelves, curtain rods and other decor becomes wonderfully simple.

Corners get their fair share of abuse in homes. According to an NAHB survey, drywall corner cracks and dents remain the number one reason for call backs. CetainTeed Corners integrate new technologies into our corners that outperforms metal beads. No dents, no need to pull and replace; meaning fewer repairs and longer lasting corners.

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