We all aspire to improve our interior spaces. Whether it’s a new kitchen or luxurious bathroom renovation, CertainTeed has the wall-to-wall solutions you need to build healthier, quieter, and more comfortable homes.

Our revolutionary AirRenew® Drywall actively improves indoor air quality by permanently removing formaldehyde from the air.

Reduce sound transmission between rooms up to 90% with SilentFX® QuickCut Noise-Reducing Drywall.

Protect your walls from potential mold growth in areas that are susceptible to high humidity and moisture.

A revolutionary drywall corner system perfect for homes that need walls with superior strength and durability.


Breathe easier and enjoy the silence. CertainTeed offers solutions for improved indoor air quality and acoustical control.

Controlling moisture and mold are top concerns in kitchens. Our drywall provides the prevention you need.

Our drywall solutions keep mold and moisture in check to maintain a healthy space and protect your home.

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Create a safe, healthy room for your child. CertainTeed Gypsum reduces noise and leaves air clean so you can breathe easy.

It’s hard to work in a home office with noise all around you. Block the noise with CertainTeed Gypsum.

Audio and visual components are the stars of any home theater. Don’t diminish their full affect without proper acoustical control.

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Create a healthy environment that’s visually appealing where you and your family spend the most time.

Our drywall solutions protect your walls from everyday bumps, bangs and scrapes.

Hallways, entry ways and stairways are heavy traffic areas and are prone to plenty of dents and bumps. Protect these walls with CertainTeed drywall products.

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