CertainTeed Decorative Gypsum moulding is practical as well as beautiful and is available in three designs:

  • Cornice Moulding
  • Cove Moulding
  • Steps Moulding

Moulding greatly reduces callbacks because it eliminates the need to tape and finish wall/ceiling joints - where cracking most often occurs. It can also be used to conceal surface wiring or indirect lighting installations.

  • Easy to Install - Simply put it up using joint compound or caulking adhesive. No screws. No nails. No warping. No splitting.
  • Easy to Enhance - Decorative Moulding opens the door to an exciting world of choice and design flexibility.
  • Easy to Decorate - Use the same paint as you do on gypsum board walls and ceilings. The premium-quality paper facing ensures a smooth finish and a perfect color match every time.

For complete details, please see the Product Brochure.

Technical Information

Please see Product Data for complete specifications.


Please see Decorative Moulding Installation Instructions for complete instructions.

Warranty Details

Please see the attached document for complete warranty details.

Sustainability Information

CertainTeed is committed to resource conservation: The face and back paper used for our gypsum board consists of 100% recycled paper. Synthetic or "by-product" gypsum from the desulphurization of flue gases at coal-fired power plants is used where sources are available. Currently three manufacturing plants—Carrollton, Kentucky, Moundsville, West Virginia and Toronto, Ontario—use 100% synthetic gypsum. The total recycled content for these synthetic gypsum plants is 96%. In-plant scrap is recycled back into the process. Our 14 gypsum board manufacturing locations provide regional material coverage throughout North America. Although LEED rating systems do not currently address emissions for all building materials and their effects on indoor air quality, finished CertainTeed gypsum board products have no reportable VOCs and will not affect indoor air quality.

For complete information, please see the attached link.

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