Now there’s a wall that can hold its own.

Imagine a wall that does its own heavy lifting. Strong enough to hold incredible weight on a single standard screw. With no stud- finding, pre- drilling or special fasteners required. It’s here. And it will change the way we live with walls. Apologies to stud finders and wall anchors — but the wall revolution was long overdue.


Habito® combines the benefits of old-fashioned plaster with the convenience of modern drywall, bringing homes a new level of flexibility and unmatched performance

Making a difference where it matters most

Whether keeping up with changing home fashions, the latest technology, or a growing family, today’s living spaces are more dynamic than ever. That’s why the game-changing benefits of Habito deliver value anywhere in the home. What room doesn’t need more durable, sound-insulating, super-strong walls? Still, some spaces are especially in need of a Habito upgrade.

Get to Know Habito!

Say hello to Habito®, the strongest gypsum-based drywall on the market. Anchor-free mounting, high impact resistance, and improved acoustic performance makes Habito a revolutionary product that redefines the wallboard category. Thanks to CertainTeed Gypsum, the future of drywall is here today.

Home building and renovation bring great expectations

With all the decisions involved, it can be easy to overlook the walls. Most homebuyers don’t even realize they have a choice. After all, walls are background – behind the paint, the wallpaper, the molding, and the decor. But that’s exactly why wall choice is so important. It’s the background to everything. It shapes and defines the room. And it’s a choice they live with for the life of their home.

Habito is a wall worthy of a lifetime commitment. It combines the strength and substance of old-fashioned plaster with the convenience of drywall. Habito is more than just durable drywall. It’s a whole new concept in walls.

With incredible holding strength and superior resistance to impact, Habito withstands just about anything a homeowner might throw at it. From heavy storage shelving to frequent redecoration to the bumps and hits of day-to-day life, Habito handles it. It is the strongest 1/2" drywall available.

The added density of Habito helps to prevent sound transmission between rooms. It’s another benefit of trading up to a premium wall – the premium sound of a well-built, quiet room.

Habito is proprietary technology exclusive to CertainTeed Gypsum that utilizes a high-density gypsum formulation to provide unmatched performance combining the benefits of old-fashioned plaster and modern drywall. It can hold up to 30 lbs on a single #10 wood screw fastened directly to the wall. No stud finder. No predrilling. No wall anchors or special fasteners. Mounting everything from TVs to shelves to curtain rods becomes simple and straightforward. No prep, no mess, no stress – and no gaping holes left behind when it’s time for a change.

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Say hello to bigger TVs and audio systems. Mount that antique mirror over the mantel – and remount it somewhere else six months later. Habito takes all the changes in stride, holding the heaviest tech and décor and making the upgrades easier.

The long-term advantages of Habito strength and durability prove their value here – whether it’s a finished basement, or an unfinished space that may someday become a media or game room.

Today’s garages serve as storage, utility, hobby and catch-all spaces. And the hits keep coming. Habito offers superior resistance to impact, cracks and penetration from hand tools, sports equipment and other common garage items.

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