Create perfect corners quickly and accurately with LEVELLINE® Stick, the newest addition to the LEVELLINE brand: it’s lighter in weight, durable, and doesn’t crack. Yet it’s easier to cut. There are no sharp edges, no burring, and no sharp shavings to guard against. It’s easier on your hands, and minimizes waste on-site.
LEVELLINE Stick delivers crisp lines without ridges. Full wall adhesion not only protects corners, but also withstands the challenges of humidity and temperature differences, as well as shifting resulting from drying lumber or settling. Ultimately, that’s fewer callbacks for you.
Unlike metal, LEVELLINE Stick has no memory, so it snaps back easily. Dents are far fewer and you can forget about rust. Its surface paper is also perfect for applying paint and textures. 
Available lengths:
LEVELLINE Outside 90 8' – 650188 
LEVELLINE Outside 90 9' – 650187 
LEVELLINE Outside 90 10' – 650189
LEVELLINE Outside 90 6-10’ – 650269
LEVELLINE® Flex corner bead employs a polymer core with a built-in flexible hinge that adapts to any inside or outside corner angle. Perfect for cathedral ceilings, bay windows, and arch-ways, its tapered profile design eliminates pre-measuring and pre-creasing, saving valuable installation time. 
LEVELLINE Flex 100' Roll - 640656


Technical Information

Product Data:  LEVELLINE Outside 90 Sticks
Packaging: Water-resistant cartons
Standard lengths: 8', 9', 10', 6’-10”
o Custom lengths are available, please contact your sales rep for more information
o Copolymer center thickness approximately: about the same as the edge
o Copolymer edge thickness, same as edge
o Total flange width: 1-5/8" (41.4mm)
o Copolymer flange width: 1-1/16" (27.0 mm)
o Paperboard edge flap: 1/2" (12.5 mm)
Product Data:  LEVELLINE Flex Roll
Packaging: 100' (30.5 m) rolled lengths, 12 rolls per carton
o Copolymer center thickness approximately:  .034" (1 mm)
o Copolymer edge thickness approximately: .02" (0.5 mm)
o Total flange width:  1.38" (35 mm)
o Copolymer flange width:  .88" (22 mm)
o Paperboard edge flap:  .5" (13 mm)
Storage: Protect from excess moisture. Do not stack material more than 2 pallets high. Rotate stock.
For complete Technical Information, please see the Product Data and Submittal Sheet.


LEVELLINE Outside 90 Sticks
Apply LEVELLINE corner trim to the wall and press into position, ensuring that the trim is tight to the ceiling. Firmly embed corner trim using the taping knife or CertainTeed roller. Remove any excess compound and allow to dry for 24 hours. When installing drywall for 90° Corners, hang drywall as shown. With a 4" (100 mm) taping knife, apply Taping or All-Purpose joint compound to each corner at least 4" (100 mm) wide and 1/8" (3mm) thick.
With a 6" (150 mm) taping knife, apply a second coat of Taping or All-Purpose joint compound, carefully feathering the compound 6" (150 mm) out from the nose of the trim. Allow to dry with a 8" (200 mm) finishing knife, apply Finishing or All-Purpose joint compound to the corner as smoothly as possible, feathering out the final coat 8" (200 mm) from the nose of the trim. Allow to dry; sand and paint.
Using the taping knife, apply joint compound to drywall, slightly beyond where the edge of the corner will be. Or use hopper to fill bead. Place corner trim on wall, ensuring it is aligned tightly to the ceiling. Press into position. Use the roller to embed the trim. Or embed using even pressure, running the knife over it at a 45° angle. Use the taping knife to skim over the edge with joint compound. Let dry thoroughly. Use the wider finishing knife to skim over the edge again. Let dry thoroughly. Lightly sand and paint

Warranty Details

Since methods and condition of application such as temperature, humidity and over thinning are beyond our control, CertainTeed Gypsum, Inc. (CertainTeed) will not be responsible for the failure of this product when not used according to directions and specifications and accepted standards of procedure inherent in drywall application; or when reasonable allowance is not made by the user for adverse weather and job conditions. However, if this product proves to be defective, maximum liability shall be limited to replacement of the material only or refund of the purchase price. This shall be the full limit whatsoever of CertainTeed's liability. All claims shall be submitted in writing to CertainTeed within thirty days from the date of discovery. State/Provincial or Federal laws may provide rights in addition to this warranty that cannot be modified or excluded.

Sustainability Information

CertainTeed takes pride in providing the best solutions to make the spaces where we work, live, and play healthier and safer. This means offering high-performing products that create better living environments.

Our products improve building energy efficiency and reduce building energy consumption for the life of the structure. As a result, they help conserve nonrenewable energy sources, decrease dependence on hydrocarbons and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

CertainTeed’s ongoing commitment to sustainability in our manufacturing operations incorporates the principles of industrial ecology, managing energy and water, and reducing waste.


Our ecomedes Sustainable Product Platform allows you to quickly access the product information and certifications you need, calculate contributions to LEED and other green building rating systems and create and save a group of products using the project feature. The information is free to access and always up to date.

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