Breaking Bad IAQ with CertainTeed Drywall

Project: 3Palms

Location: Southern California

A net-zero beachfront house in Southern California built for Emmy Award-winning Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston has garnered a lot of attention from green building and design professionals. The 2,450-square-foot home, known as “3Palms,” is a model for cost-effective, high-performance green residential building. The home received LEED® Platinum certification .

The home utilizes Passive House techniques such as radiant slap heating, an airtight seal and strategic window placement aided by high-performance materials like photovoltaic solar roofing and spray foam insulation. For the homeowner, architect, designer and builder, creating a healthy interior with high indoor air quality was also a high priority.

“This was a matter of limiting air pollutants by selecting materials with low environmental and occupant impact and employing effective ventilation strategies,” said Bryan Henson, LEED AP and president of Allen Associates Construction.

To avoid indoor air pollutants, the team opted to use only building materials and furnishings with little or no VOC content. An important component of the VOC reduction strategy was the installation of CertainTeed AirRenew IAQ drywall on the walls. AirRenew actively helps clean indoor air by capturing formaldehyde and converting it into an inert compound that remains safely within the board.

Outside of its formaldehyde-scavenging abilities, AirRenew installs like standard gypsum board, which appealed to the project team. “AirRenew was a product that I was familiar with after using it on other high-performance green projects, and it fit well with what we were trying to do,” said Henson. Along with clay plaster and foam insulation, the AirRenew boards are helping to keep 3Palms filled with fresh, unpolluted air while complying with the highest green regulations.

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