Made from durable materials to protect walls from damage

Abuse & Impact Resistant drywall is ideal for interior walls in areas like hotel lobbies, apartments, dorms, hallways and stairwells, garages, gyms, and classrooms. Essentially, it’s ideal in any high-traffic space, or where damage-prone activities occur. Protecting these spaces with material stronger than standard gypsum board will save on time and costly repairs.

ASTM C1629 Surface Abrasion Soft Body Impact Hard Body Impact Indentation Resistance
ASTM Test Method ASTM D4977
Tests resistance to scuffs and scratches: Board was subjected to abrasive back and forth motion of a wire brush for 50 cycles with 25 lb total load
Tests impact of heavy soft objects: 60 lb of steel pellets in standard leather bag swung through an angular distance towards the board
ASTM C1629
Annex A. 1
Tests resistance to hard objects in stud cavity: Board was struck with weighted steel ram with increasing weight added until board surface is penetrated
ASTM D5420
Gardner Impact
Tests resistance to dents from small hard objects: 2 lb weight dropped onto hemispherical die on board from height of 36", striking with impact energy of 72 inch-pounds
Extreme Abuse
Classification Levels*
3 2 1 1
Extreme Impact
Classification Levels*
3 3 3 1


EXTREME Abuse gypsum board provides increased protection and durability required for areas subjected to repeat wear and tear. Ideal for areas such as classrooms, hotel lobbies, patient rooms, and public buildings.

EXTREME Impact gypsum board includes fiberglass reinforcement, which provides the highest level of ASTM classification for soft and hard body impact resistance in the industry. Ideal for use in hospital corridors, gymnasiums, utility rooms, and public buildings.

NO-COAT® Corners with tapered high-strength copolymer core withstands severe impacts, won't rust, and requires less mud. 

The NO-COAT® PRO Automatic Drywall Corner System is easy-to-use and has a trilingual keypad, which simplifies operation and stores custom measurements.