A New Holistic Solution to Waterproofing

All Six Sides. Every Detail. One Proven Source.


From below-grade solutions to air and vapor barriers, low-slope roof and plaza deck systems, CertainTeed and GCP products have protected every side of commercial structures for decades.  Now with an integrated portfolio, architects, contractors and building owners can enjoy holistic continuous protection without concern for finger pointing at critical tie-in joints.  Peace of mind, a manifestation of proven performance, best-in class support and commitment to a sustainable future.


Proven Below Grade Waterproofing

Category inventor and innovator with over 25-years of proven performance.

PREPRUFE® pre-applied and post-applied waterproofing membranes fully bond to concrete and are trusted in some of the most iconic buildings worldwide.


Air barrier solutions for every build. Flexible and compatible, available in sheet, liquid, permeable and impermeable options. PERM-A-BARRIER® products are the industry’s leading air barriers and flashing for commercial buildings. They protect structural components from damage caused by uncontrolled airflow and associated moisture. Quick and easy to install saving time and money.


Durable Elevated Deck Waterproofing

Liquid waterproofing solutions that are cold-applied, fast-curing, low-odor. Easy to apply saving time and money.

SILCOR® liquid waterproofing forms a fully bonded membrane resisting lateral water migration. Coats tight spaces through spray application. Quick drying and cures in hours keeping schedules on track.

New and remedial waterproofing for elevated decks including: Plaza decks, Split slabs, Green roofs, Planters, PRMA applications



Comprehensive Low-Slope Roofing Solutions

Liquid waterproofing solutions that are cold-applied, fast-curing, low-odor. Easy to apply saving time and money.Time-tested asphaltic roof systems and accessories engineered to protect your client’s assets.

Superior customer and technical service and the ability to extend warranties to over 30 years with an Integrity Maintenance Agreement gives applicators the support they need and owners added peace of mind.