SmartFlash® Fleece is a non-woven, needle-punched fabric reinforcement used with SmartFlash cold fluid-applied reinforced flashing systems.

SmartFlash is a two component, UV-stable, cold fluid-applied polyester-reinforced flashing system. It is a versatile, high-performance, seamless and self-terminating waterproofing system.

  • Eco-friendly, odor-free, derived from plant-based oils
  • Resin consists of up to 80% rapidly renewable resources
  • Extremely low VOC
  • Made in USA

Technical Information

  • Improves strength, tear and puncture resistance while maintaining membrane uniformity
  • Fleece must be kept clean and dry prior to and during application
  • 100 sq. ft. (10.2 m²) of fleece per 100 sq. ft. (9.3 m²) of surface coverage

For additional technical resources please refer to the CertainTeed Commercial Roof Systems Manual or the Technical Data Sheet.


For detailed installation instructions please refer to the Technical Data Sheet.

Warranty Details

Please refer to the SmartFlash Limited Warranty document for warranty information.

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