CertainTeed Roofing and LiveRoof® have partnered to create and distribute innovative new roofing systems that are structurally and environmentally sound. LiveRoof is an integrated green roofing system designed by growers and construction engineers. Compared to site-built green roofs, which are time-consuming and costly to install and maintain, LiveRoof is a turnkey alternative. For more detailed information regarding LiveRoof view the LiveRoof website.

Product Overview

Technical Information

    Dimensions 1' x 2' x 3"
    Soil depth: 4-1/4"

    Dimensions: 1' x 2' x 1-7/8"
    Soil depth: 2-1/2"

    Dimensions: 1' x 2' x 3-1/4"
    Soil depth: 6"

Warranty Details

Overburden warranties available upon request Additional warranty information available through LiveRoof.

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