FlintPrime® Aerosol is an asphalt primer used for preparation of metal, concrete, gypsum, masonry, or brick substrates prior to application of modified asphalt membranes or built-up roofing sheets.  This thin-bodied solution easily penetrates pores and seals dusty surfaces to provide a firm base for low-slope roofing membranes. FlintPrime Aerosol is comprised of highly ductile, soft asphalt in a refined solvent. Packaged in a 14 oz. spray can, it is specially designed to prime small detail areas where applying FlintPrime by brush or spray rig is not efficient.    

Technical Information

The following information represents typical physical properties of FlintPrime® Aerosol:
  • Color - Black
  • Application Temperature - 40°F - 110°F (4.4°C – 43.3°C)
  • Dry Time - Approximately 15-30 minutes, environment dependent
  • Product-Weighted Maximum Incremental Reactivity (PWMIR) - 1.2 g O3/g product MAX
  • Yield - Approximately 55 sq. ft. per can, coverage depends upon the condition and porosity of the surface to be primed
  • Meets ASTM D-41 requirements


For best results, use when temperature is 65°F (18°C). All surfaces to be primed must be swept clean, and free from dirt, oil, grease, and other foreign matter. Shake can vigorously for at least one minute after mixing ball rattles. Hold can 10-12 inches from surface when spraying. Allow primer to penetrate surface before applying other products. Metal surfaces are ready when primer is tacky. After spraying, turn can upside down and depress spray button for several seconds to clean primer from nozzle. If clogging develops, turn spray button ¼ turn. If clogging persists, remove spray button and use a pin or fine wire to clean primer from the stem of spray button. DO NOT STICK A PIN OR WIRE INTO THE CAN. To reattach the button after cleaning, gently twist on the button with the spray direction indicator arrow pointed away from you.

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Warranty Details

CertainTeed offers three asphaltic low-slope roof system warranty options: Limited Warranty on Materials, Integrity Roof System Limited Warranty, and Integrity Roof System No Dollar Limit (NDL) Limited Warranty. CertainTeed warranty durations are based on a combination of system specification and product selection. Please download an overview of these warranty options for details. Consult with your contractor or CertainTeed Territory Manager to determine which warranty is best for your project.     

CertainTeed offers standard asphaltic low-slope roof system warranty durations between ten and twenty-five years. Additionally, Gold Star Contractors can increase warranty durations by 25% by engaging in an Integrity Maintenance Agreement with their client.

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