Flintlastic® SA MidPly is designed for use as a premium base or interply in fully self-adhered systems or hybrid systems with a torch-applied cap. Select Flintlastic SA MidPly over Flintlastic SA PlyBase when extended warranty durations are specified or enhanced protection and performance is valued. It is intended for use over Flintlastic SA NailBase, Flintlastic SA PlyBase or directly self-adhered to suitable substrates.

The Flintlastic SA portfolio is comprised of high-performance, self-adhered SBS modified roofing products including NailBase, PlyBase, MidPly, Cap, Cap FR (booth Caps available in CoolStar® highly reflective granules), supporting a variety of system specifications, building and warranty requirements.  The Flintlastic SA system delivers the time-tested performance of modified bitumen roof systems without the labor cost, application skill, or health/safety hazards of hot asphalt, cold adhesive or torch welded products.  

Technical Information

  • Top Surface: Permanent film
  • Back Surface: Removable release film
  • Dimensions: 39-3/8" x 32' 1" (100 sq. ft.)
  • Coverage: One Square
  • Thickness: 3.0mm (110 mils)
  • ASTM D1970
  • ASTM D6163, Grade S, Type I

For additional technical resources please refer to the CertainTeed Commercial Roof Systems Manual.


When installing CertainTeed Flintlastic SA Mid Ply or any of the CertainTeed Flintlastic SA self-adhering roofing products, particular attention must be paid to storage and handling, deck preparation, slope and drainage, and application requirements to assure a successful installation and long-term performance.

For detailed installation instructions please refer to the CertainTeed Commercial Roof Systems Manual.

Warranty Details

CertainTeed offers four low-slope roof system warranty options: Limited Warranty on Materials, Limited Warranty on Systems, No Dollar Limit (NDL) Limited Warranty and Full System NDL Limited Warranty.  CertainTeed warranty durations are based on a combination of system specification and product selection.  Please download an overview of these warranty options for details. Consult with your contractor or CertainTeed Territory Manager to determine which warranty is best for your project.     

CertainTeed offers standard low-slope roof system warranty durations between ten and twenty-five years.  Additionally, Gold Star Contractors can increase warranty durations by 25% by engaging in an Integrity Maintenance Agreement with their client.  

Export Information

Flintlastic® SA Mid Ply is available for Export.  Please review the related product brochures for additional information.

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