FlintEDGE® Conductor Heads are factory fabricated in the size and shape to meet your unique requirements. Blanks are cut using computer controlled equipment for precise, professional appearance.

Technical Information

The conductor head is factory welded from .050" (1.25 mm) or .063" (1.60 mm) aluminum. Blanks are cut using computer controlled equipment for precise uniform appearance. Products are custom sized to meet your needs. Available in mill aluminum or CertainTeed's standard colors.


For detailed installation instructions, including diagrams, please refer to the installation guide.

Warranty Details

CertainTeed offers four low-slope roof system warranty options: Limited Warranty on Materials, Limited Warranty on Systems, No Dollar Limit (NDL) Limited Warranty and Full System NDL Limited Warranty.  CertainTeed warranty durations are based on a combination of system specification and product selection.  Please download an overview of these warranty options for details. Consult with your contractor or CertainTeed Territory Manager to determine which warranty is best for your project.     

CertainTeed offers standard low-slope roof system warranty durations between ten and twenty-five years.  Additionally, Gold Star Contractors can increase warranty durations by 25% by engaging in an Integrity Maintenance Agreement with their client.  

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