CertainTeed FlintCoat® -W is an extra thick, highly flexible, white acrylic roof coating designed with superior hiding ability.  This high performance, UL Class A rated product resists cracking, pealing and mildew, while offering tremendous durability and long term life.  It expands and contracts with roof movement to resist damage. 
FlintCoat-W provides an excellent, highly protective barrier which reflects the sun's heat and destructive UV rays.  In turn, this helps to cool surfaces and leads to a reduction of interior temperatures and cooling costs.
FlintCoat-W is an ENERGY STAR® labeled roof coating.

  • FlintCoat -W FR applies easily by brush, roller or spray
  • Cures within 24-36 hours
  • Dries to a tough, flexible elastic film
  • Excellent adhesion over clean primed surfaces
  • Outstanding U.V. protection; reflects minimum 90% of the sun's rays
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Good resistance to salts and alkalis
  • Aluminum reflectant characteristics

Technical Information

The following information represents typical average properties of FlintCoat -W:
Weight: 12 lbs. per gallon

  • Packaging: 5-gallon pail
  • Coverage: Approx 1½ gallons per 100 square feet (two coats are required)
  • Color: White

For additional technical resources please refer to the CertainTeed Commercial Roof Systems Manual or click on the Technical Information link located on the left navigation area.


CertainTeed FlintCoat -W can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. Mix thoroughly with a mechanical mixer prior to application of the coating. FlintCoat -W should be applied in two coats at the rate of 1 to 1-1/2 gallons per 100 sq. ft. per application. The coverage rate will vary depending upon the surface to be coated.

For detailed installation instructions please refer to the CertainTeed Commercial Roof Systems Manual.

Warranty Details

Please refer to the document provided for all warranty information.

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