Faster Installation, Superior Acoustics

Features and benefits

  •  Quick, clean cuts for minimal dust and efficient installation
  •  Up to 20% fewer razor passes per cut
  •  Superior acoustics – .75 NRC/42 CAC
  •  High in-room sound absorption with room-to-room sound blocking for privacy
  •  Complies with LEED® v4 for Schools classroom acoustics prerequisite


  •  Universities
  •  Public Schools
  •  Healthcare Spaces
  •  Open Plan Offices
  •  Corridors
  •  Areas with HVAC Noise Concerns
  •  Libraries / Media Centers
  •  Computer Rooms
  •  Other Commercial Buildings / Space Applications


  •  2016 Architectural Products Magazine Product Innovation Award Winner



Technical Information

See attached resources for most up-to-date information.

Sustainability Information