A mineral fiber panel with additional durability and smooth texture

Features & Benefits:

  • Special pulverized-marble aggregate coating provides rugged durability.
  • Offers upscale look with additional durability and resists sagging.
  • Designed for conditions where high temperatures and high humidity exist.
  • Lightly textured surface provides attractive finish with excellent light reflectance and durability.
  • Micro perforated for sound absorption.
  • No added formaldehyde.


  • Education
  • Retail
  • Malls
  • Offices
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Reception Areas


Warranty Details

A 10-year and a 15-year-system warranty are available for this product

Sustainability Information

Sand Micro is a mineral fiber ceiling panel. It offers a high-recycled content (36-45% total, 18% post-consumer, 18-27% pre-consumer). The LEED calculation for this products recycled content is 27-31%. This CertainTeed Ceilings product can be recycled as part of CertainTeed Ceilings Recycling Program. Energy and Atmosphere (EA) Credit 1 Optimize energy performance Our ceiling panels with high light reflectance (above 0.82 according to ASTM E1477) can reduce lighting demands and subsequently the energy required to operate them. 1-10 points Materials & Resources (MR) Credit 2.1 Construction waste disposal (divert 50%) Credit 2.2 Construction waste disposal (divert 75%) CertainTeed Ceilings recycling program can contribute to diversion of construction waste from landfill. Contact your CertainTeed Ceilings representative for details. 1-2 points Materials & Resources (MR) Credit 4.1 Recycled content 10% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer) Credit 4.2 Recycled content 20% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer) CertainTeed Ceilings panels can contribute to the project recycled content. 1-2 points Indoor Air Quality (EQ) Credit 4 (LEED for Schools only) Low-emitting materials (ceiling & wall systems) CertainTeed Ceilings panels are certified low-emitting products (per Collaborative for High Performance Schools / adopted by Greenguard Children & Schools). 1 point

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