Engineered and designed to be the quickest & easiest way to span flat drywall ceilings in hallway and corridor applications.

QuickSpan Cross Tees

  • Eliminates the need for hanger wires for unsupported spans up to 9' with 5/8” Drywall and 16" O.C. spacing
  • Knurled face for easier screw installation
  • Web is double stitched for added strength
  • Heavy-duty material for maximum rigidity and screw grip
  • G40 galvanization and 0.020" metal thickness
  • Standard and custom lengths available
  • Tested performance data available in ICC ESR-3941

QuickSpan Locking Channel

  • Pre-engineered locking tabs punched 8" O.C.
  • Tees quickly twist into place for fast installation
  • Locking tab prevents lateral and upward movement
  • No need for screws, pop rivets or crimpers
  • Hash marks at locking tabs for quick alignment
  • 10-year limited warranty

QuickSpan is the newest addition to our Drywall Grid Suspension System. For more information click here.

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  • Knurled face for easier screw installation

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