Decoustics: Design without limits

Custom ceilings for dramatic spaces that sound as flawless as they look

Like architecture itself, Decoustics is the product of science and art working together. Engineering harnessed to meet the demands of creativity. Ceiling solutions designed to transcend the predictable, ignore the ordinary, and assume the shape of imagination.

How sound is your acoustical knowledge?

Committed to innovative design

Decoustics is dedicated to a philosophy of continuous innovation in products, processes and precision. Our investments in research and development have allowed Decoustics to stay ahead of industry trends and push the boundaries of what acoustic ceiling products can do. The result is a combination of engineering expertise, product innovation and customer service that make even the most elaborate architectural vision possible.

Natural wood veneer acoustic panels, planks and grilles bring the warmth, depth and richness of wood while maintaining premium acoustic performance for any space.

Free-hanging clouds in custom curves and waves are available, along with the versatile mounting options to accommodate plenum access requirements.

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Unexpected materials, invisible suspension systems, and more tools to accomplish your most ambitious designs

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