As professionals in the design and construction industry, we all have a great responsibility to the people who live, work and play in the spaces we create. It’s this sense of responsibility that drives us to innovate and improve the occupant experience with ceilings solutions that make spaces acoustically sound, healthy and sustainable as well as beautiful.

Innovative solutions for important spaces

Whether it’s a K-12 classroom or student union, specifying ceilings for education spaces comes with a unique set of challenges. CertainTeed Ceilings can help you find creative ways to balance acoustic performance, durability, and design – and stay within budget.

Modern workplaces are designed to be a key part of a business’s image and culture. They must promote collaboration and innovation, while supporting people, processes and ever-evolving technology. From acoustically challenging open offices to high profile lobbies, CertainTeed Ceilings enable your best office design.

Great design is more than a bonus in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It is essential to positive medical outcomes. CertainTeed Ceilings contribute to healing environments with solutions that maintain peace and quiet and stand up to rigorous cleaning and sanitizing.

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Solving Architects' Biggest Challenges

Acoustics have a profound effect on our lives. Our concentration, productivity, stress levels, and even our health are impacted by the sounds around us. From basic ceiling tiles to custom baffles and wall panels, CertainTeed Ceilings are helping architects and designers improve acoustics in the built environment.

CertainTeed innovations go beyond the 2 x 4 panel to demonstrate just how dramatic ceilings can be. Sweeping curves, warm woods, custom geometries, and free-form clouds demonstrate that you don’t ever have to sacrifice aesthetic impact for acoustic comfort.

Sustainability is part of everything we do at CertainTeed, from raw material content through the complete ceiling product life cycle. That means products that incorporate one of the highest concentrations of recycled content in the industry, plants that continually strive to minimize waste and smarter logistics that minimize transportation.

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Our Product Offerings

Access technical specs, data pages, submittal sheets, BIM files, and warranty information for CertainTeed, Decoustics and Ecophon products, including mineral fiber ceiling panels, fiberglass ceilings, acoustic wall panels, clouds and baffles.

Access technical specs, data pages, submittal sheets, BIM files, and warranty information for CertainTeed suspended ceiling grid systems and drywall grid systems, including seismic suspension systems, fire rated grid systems, trim and installation accessories.

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In the workplace, the most desirable outcome is a profitable business. But how do you design a workplace to serve the productivity of the workforce? Using the right mix of products to support the function of each space is only part of the equation. Learn from our experience as occupants and experts in the new CertainTeed/Saint-Gobain North American headquarters.

If the atrium of Aecom’s Pretoria, South Africa office is quiet, it’s not just because the jaw-dropping design leaves visitors and employees speechless. It’s also due to the extraordinary sound-absorbing capabilities of the Ecophon ceilings used to create an office installation that is equal parts art and acoustics. 

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