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What is a Color Palette?


A color palette is the combination of colors used in a specific space. It refers to the more specific color choices, as opposed the the style of color choice (monochromatic, analogues, or complementary), which would be considered a color scheme. Your chosen color palette creates the visual foundation of your home. As we mentioned earlier with the 60-30-10 Rule, a palette is normally comprised of three (or four colors) to create contrast or blend an exteriors' features. 

Our Favorite Color Palettes

Calming Blue

A calming blue home exterior evokes a sense of tranquility, making a space feel lighter, larger and creating a feeling of open space. Blue color schemes tend to blend well with a variety of siding and roofing choices, wood and stone siding, in particular. It works especially well in northern and coastal areas where natural light changes more dramatically with the seasons.

Fresh Green

The fresh green home exterior is a classic choice. Brighter greens create a more open, airy space, while softer, muted tones are calming, peaceful and stable, blending more seamlessly with the landscape.

Earthy Brown

An earthy brown exterior creates the sense of a natural, grounded home. Friendly and inviting, this neutral color choice has made itself a steady favorite in recent years. A brown home exterior also tends to fare better in rough weather conditions, with less-noticeable wear over time.

Bold Reds

A statement red color choice adds visual distinction to the home’s exterior. It is a warm, dramatic color, which can create an earthier visual and make the home appear smaller depending on the shade. Using red as an accent color is a popular choice, as it can highlight the interesting architectural features of the home.

Cool Grays

Cool grays, like its undertones of blues and greens, create a calming, airy exterior. A brighter shade of gray will make the home appear larger, and this neutral color is a prime choice to highlight various aspects of the exterior. Finding the contrast between the exterior accent and the gray’s undertones is the best way to make your home stand out.

Warm Grays

A warm gray home exterior is a classic, neutral choice. Warmer grays have undertones of yellows, reds, and browns, helping the home to blend well with various accent and roofing choices and with the landscape. Grays are calming and practical for a home's exterior. 


White homes are on trend for all the right reasons. Lighter colors, such as white, will reflect the sunlight, keeping the home cooler in the summer months and preventing the siding from fading. White, like any light color, also tends to make a home seem larger. 

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