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CertainTeed Blog Guidelines

CertainTeed has developed the CertainTeed Blog ( as a valuable component of its business and marketing strategy. The goals of the CertainTeed Blog are threefold: (1) to raise the visibility of the company, (2) to make a contribution to the industry, and (3) to give the public a look at what goes on within the company.

  1. Legal Liability.  CertainTeed is legally responsible for the commentary posted on the CertainTeed Blog. Accordingly, do not post any commentary that is defamatory, proprietary, obscene, libelous or embarrassing to another person or entity, or that violates the privacy rights of another. Please avoid using exaggeration, colorful language, guesswork, obscenity, legal conclusions, and derogatory remarks or characterizations, particularly when describing the attributes of CertainTeed’s products and comparing those products to those made by competitors. Outside parties can pursue legal action against CertainTeed for postings on the CertainTeed Blog.
  2. Copyrights.  Do not post any material that is copyrighted unless (a) CertainTeed is the copyright owner, (b) CertainTeed has the written permission of the copyright owner to post the copyrighted material on the CertainTeed Blog, or (c) you are sure that the use of any copyrighted material by CertainTeed is permitted by the legal doctrine of “fair use.” Please contact Mike Loughery at if you have questions about any blog posting containing copyrighted material.
  3.  Company Secrets.  Do not disclose sensitive, proprietary, confidential, or financial information about CertainTeed, other than what is publicly available in company press releases. Confidential information includes information related to revenues, margins, profits, forecasts, and other financial information, and any information related to inventions, strategy, brands, products, product lines, customers, operating units, etc. Do not disclose any information about any specific customer. If in doubt, please check with your supervisor before posting this type of information. Disclosing confidential or proprietary information can negatively impact the company’s business and may result in regulatory violations.
  4. Press Inquiries.  Blog postings may generate media coverage. If a member of the media contacts you about a CertainTeed Blog posting or requests information of any kind regarding CertainTeed, contact Mike Loughery
  5. Write What You Know.  The best way to be interesting, stay out of trouble, and have fun is to write about what you know. For example, if you have a deep understanding of a particular CertainTeed product, consider focusing your CertainTeed Blog posts on that product.
  6. Be Nice.  Do not attack other individuals or companies, including fellow employees, authors, customers, vendors or competitors. The public views all CertainTeed employees as representatives of the company. Postings on the CertainTeed Blog can influence public perceptions of our organization (whether you intend to or not).
  7. Remember the Handbook.  As a condition of your employment, you agreed to abide by the rules of the CertainTeed Employee Handbook. The handbook also applies to your blogging activities. Your public communications concerning CertainTeed must not violate any rules or prohibitions in the handbook.