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Wood Ceilings and Walls

Decoustics Rondolo Baffles

Highly customizable and cost-effective acoustical solution for partial ceiling coverage.

Wood Ceilings and Walls


This line of prefabricated veneered beams creates unique ceiling designs and can be used to complement additional ceiling and wall products to provide depth, separation, and visual interest.

Wood Ceilings and Walls


A high-end design aesthetic for open space ceilings, this line of wood canopies includes flat, convex, or concave rectangles and rhombi.

Wood Ceilings and Walls

Decoustics Fori

Mini-perforated wood panels and planks offer sophisticated wood décor paired with full accessibility to the plenum for ultimate flexibility.

Wood Ceilings and Walls

Decoustics Linear Wood & Grille

Planks and blades installed in linear patterns offer easy-to-install, environmentally friendly solutions for creating warm and inviting spaces.

Material Ceilings and Walls