The 9/16" EZ Stab Tier Drop System, a smart new dimensional suspension system, features a 3/16" wide center bulb to create a double 1/8" wide reveal.  The EZ Stab stainless steel clip provides strength and ease of installation. 

Features & Benefits:

  • New EZ Stab clip technology allows for a fast and strong connection on cross tees with added removability
  • Double-stitched web design for lasting durability and strength
  • Grid features fully painted and G30 hot-dipped galvanized steel construction for corrosion resistance
  • Unmitered intersections for flexible cross tee placement

Product Offering:

  • Compatible with certain Narrow Reveal Edge and all Trim Edge panels
  • Intermediate and Heavy Duty certified profiles available
  • Available in standard white and black. Additional color options are offered through our Post-Paint process. For more information, contact your local sales representative.

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Download installation instructions here.

Warranty Details

10-Year Suspension System-Only Warranty and 15-Year Ceiling and Suspension System Warranty available for this product.

Sustainability Information

Download Sustainability Information here.

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