The Fine Fissured Ceiling Collection includes Fine Fissured High NRC & Fine Fissured Customline® options, all providing a non-directional mineral fiber panel for all-around workability, affordability and great-looking installations.


  • Non-directional fissured pattern
  • Quick, clean cuts for minimal dust, efficient installation, and lower installation costs
  • High NRC ceiling tiles ideal for spaces requiring high sound absorption; comply with LEED v4 for school classroom acoustics prerequisite
  • 3 face-scored Customline options provide dramatic geometric designs masking the appearance of grid 
  • High humidity and sag resistance
  • Available in 6 standard colors - please see data sheet for eligible products


  • Schools & Libraries
  • Corridors
  • Retail/Department Stores
  • Offices
  • Other Commercial Buildings / Space Applications


Installation documentation available here.

Warranty Details

A 10-year and a 15-year warranty are available for these products.

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