That familiar, inviting texture. A brilliant array of colors. The breadth of size and shape choices. With exceptional sound absorption capabilities and high recycled content, you have a ceiling product that’s soft to the touch, kind to the ears, and easy on the eyes. 
Our Felt ceilings and walls portfolio includes linear systems, large-format panels, clouds, and open cell—all with custom-engineering capabilities through our Decoustics line. 
CertainTeed Architectural knows the intricacies of making ceilings work, so you can design freely and specify with confidence.

Defined by award-winning innovation, the patented HeartFelt® line allows you to blend linearity, dimensionality, and wave-like ripples with warmth and acoustic control.

Realize fluid designs and add motion to the ceiling by creating unique open cell showpieces.Cover the entire ceiling plane or add a skylight, and easily conceal MEP to deliver a seamless aesthetic.

Felt Baffles combine a time-tested texture with exceptional sound absorption capabilities and a full palette of shapes, sizes, and colors in a ceiling product.

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Felt Wall Solutions offers a wide range of solutions with exceptional sound absorption capabilities and a full palette of sizes, formats, colors and patterns.

The Free-Hanging Felt Screens are an ally to integrate acoustic absorption, semi-private spaces and a wide range of colors and perforations to generate movement and multiple design options.

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Our portfolio of patented felt ceiling and wall systems welcomes the addition of innovative, artistic, and incredibly practical cloud panels. They’re easy on the eyes and ears—and easier to install.

Imagine felt like you've never seen it before - in large-format panels with an extremely lightweight honeycomb core for a monolithic look with exceptional sound absorption.

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For truly unique creations, Decoustics will deliver a tailored ceiling and wall solution to achieve your most challenging design intent – high-performance products, unparalleled engineering capabilities, and stunning aesthetics. Decoustics custom-engineered ceilings and walls are designed to transcend the predictable, ignore the ordinary, and assume the shape of imagination.