What is the HPD Collaborative and a Health Product Declaration?

The HPD Collaborative is a collaboration of organizations, corporations, and companies intent on changing the impact that manufacturing and construction have on our environment and health. The HPD is an open standard, through which manufacturers report what makes up their product and any hazards that consumers need to be made aware. This is another step towards sharing our claims, and showing consumers and end-users that CertainTeed Ceilings is taking the necessary steps to improve the environment and overall health.

Health Product Declarations (HPDs)

CertainTeed Ceilings continues its commitment to ecological transparency by introducing the industry’s first Health Product Declarations (HPDs). Teaming up with the Health Product Declaration Collaborative™, CertainTeed Ceilings has developed HPDs to further provide a vehicle for transparency.

42 CertainTeed Ceiling product families, now have HPDs. Click below to view/download.

What is an Environmental Product Declaration?

An Environmental Product Declaration, or EPD, is a rigorous third part examination of a product or product family's environmental impact. Evaluations are based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that is performed using established Product Category Rules (PCRs).

What's in an EPD?

  • Detailed breakdown of material content
  • Production process and life cycle stage diagrams
  • Health and safety information of producing and using the products
  • Diagram of relative primary energy usage by life cycle stage
  • Information on CertainTeed's ceiling panel takeback/recycling program

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

CertainTeed Ceilings was the first manufacturer in the ceiling products industry to issue Environmental Product Declarations – comprehensive third-party life cycle assessments that tell their whole green story. Our EPDs cover over 27 ceiling product families, and are certified by UL Environment. Click below to view/download.