The CertainTeed Architectural portfolio includes Decoustics custom-engineered, high-performance ceiling and wall systems. Like architecture itself, Decoustics products are the result of science and art working together. Engineering harnessed to meet the demands of creativity. Ceiling solutions designed to transcend the predictable, ignore the ordinary, and assume the shape of imagination.

Every design challenge is unique, and every solution requires innovative problem-solving. CertainTeed Architectural is a true ceilings and walls partner, providing guidance and advice at every step of the process, from inspiration to specification and installation, helping you bring your ideas to life..

Get acoustically transparent stipple-textured panels that resemble the classic appearance of drywall or plaster, with highly customizable options.

Capture the stipple-textured look and acoustic benefits of Claro, which aims to meet the highest human health, safety, and sustainability standards.

Achieve the luster and sparkle of metal aesthetics with lightweight panels that are specifically formulated to provide acoustical transparency.

Harness the utmost design flexibility with an abundance of wood customization options and high performance acoustics that push the boundaries of wood aesthetics.

Create warm and inviting spaces with wood planks and blades in linear patterns, all with the benefit of easy installation.

Brighten any space with innovative translucent fabric ceiling and wall systems that offer illumination and acoustical control.

Transform the environment with versatile and cost-effective fabric-wrapped products that provide exceptional noise absorption and impact resistance.

Improve the quality of life for occupants with innovative fabric-wrapped products featuring an NAUF core to neutralize pollutants.

Get partially exposed plenums and higher NRC levels with vertically suspended panels in a wide range of shapes, colors, and suspension options.

Create stunning design gestures with highly customizable fiberglass clouds in pre-curved or flat shapes, which are finished on all sides, for an acoustical solution that looks great from any angle.

Achieve the ultimate in sculptural ceilings with customizable lightweight hollow-core panels that feature a special high acoustical performance layer laminated on all surfaces.

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Create monolithic looks while adding the warmth of wood and exceptional sound absorption properties with acoustically perforated panels and planks.

Get striking acoustically grooved custom applications of timeless elegance, all with class A fire rating and performance acoustics.

Pair sophisticated wood looks and acoustic control with a ceiling system that allows easy plenum access.

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