Acoustic ceiling and wall solutions

The sound around us has a profound effect on our daily lives

Sounds influence our concentration, happiness and, most importantly, our health. An acoustically sound environment can help inspire, engage and calm us. CertainTeed Ceilings is dedicated to helping you find the acoustic solutions you need to create environments where people thrive, achieving their greatest potential. No one else is better equipped than CertainTeed to deliver the acoustics, functional performance and aesthetics that meet your projects’ unique requirements at any budget.


You’re picturing a clean, smooth ceiling. Pick a panel to save the budget and you’ll compromise acoustics. Pick the best acoustic panel and you’ll blow the budget. There’s another option: Targeted Acoustics. Put high-performance acoustic panels where you need them and more economic ceiling tiles where you don’t – all while keeping that clean, smooth visual across the space.


High ceilings and exposed structures look amazing. Add trendy hard surface floors and plenty of glass and the look gets even better – but the noise gets a lot worse. Solve the acoustic challenges of open spaces with creative alternatives to traditional suspended ceilings.



In recent years, the design and construction community has learned that sound is far more critical than realized in the past. In fact, it’s so critical, that acoustic comfort is a key element of Indoor Environmental Quality under LEED v4.

But how do you define a comfortable acoustic environment? It depends on the environment. Proper acoustics means sounds are controlled to ensure a space suits the way it is commonly used – whether that be for concentration, collaboration or rest. Fortunately, you don’t have to decipher the complexities of acoustic performance on your own. CertainTeed Ceilings has the knowledge, expertise and resources to make sure you have the right blend of products to manage the sound in your space.




The right acoustic features for your space

The most widely used measure of acoustic performance is the Noise Reduction Coefficient or NRC, which indicates sound absorption. Higher NRC values translate to quieter spaces with less reverberation and less distracting background noise from within the room.

The ability of a ceiling to block sound transfer to adjacent spaces is expressed by the Ceiling Attenuation Class or CAC. High CAC values translate to improved speech privacy.

Absorbing sound so the room remains quiet while blocking sound from interfering with adjacent spaces is a careful balancing act. Materials that block sound also tend to reflect it back into a space. To keep noise down and prevent disruption in adjacent spaces, maximize both NRC and CAC.

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CertainTeed Ceilings offers a range of visuals including smooth, fissured and textured in a variety of sizes, materials and acoustic performance levels. Design with confidence, knowing that you can achieve the perfect balance of acoustics, aesthetics and budget for any space. 

CertainTeed Ceilings specialty portfolio includes clouds and baffles in an array of shapes and colors, dynamic metal ceilings, modular felt ceiling and wall systems, customizable fabric panels and more for dramatic visual impact and acoustic control.

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DESIGN FOR Occupants

How do you design a workplace to serve the productivity of the workforce? Using the right mix of products to support the function of each space is only part of the equation. Learn from our experience as occupants and experts in the new CertainTeed/Saint-Gobain North American headquarters.