Mineral Fiber Ceilings

Acoustic Ceilings for Increasing Office Productivity

Mineral fiber is the option for high-performance acoustic ceiling panels. They absorb sound better than other panels, which studies have shown actually increase productivity and happiness in open office plans. Their low density material keep them moisture resistant, and easy to maintain over time.


Symphony M ceiling panels are ultra-durable acoustic solutions with a consistent, smooth aesthetic. The material’s high light reflectance can reduce fatigue and eye strain, so it’s ideal in private offices, classrooms, and libraries.

This fissure pattern works in any direction, for versatile installations. These panels can stand up to high humidity, and are sag resistant. Ideal for schools, libraries, offices and stores.

Contractors love Sereno Fine Fissured panels because they cut quick, smooth and clean. This makes for quicker installations and attractive ceilings. The fissure patterns that work in any direction also improve efficient installation.

Fine Fissured High NRC ceiling panels feature a 100% non-directional fissure pattern and are perfect for projects that require high sound absorption. These ceilings are perfect for outfitting workspaces, stores, hospitals, dining establishments, schools and universities.