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Decoustics used in Calgary airport

Acoustic Gypsum Board

For Noiseproofing and Improving Sound Quality

Acoustical gypsum board is for any application that requires enhanced soundproofing and sound control. Ideal for interior walls in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and even in home theatres, music rooms, and bedrooms. Whether protecting an inside room from an outside noise, or noiseproofing an inside space, acoustic drywall is for wall assemblies and spaces requiring high sound transmission class (STC) performance.

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What is Sound Transmission Class (STC)?

STC is a measure of how well a wall or building partition reduces sound from traveling through the building. STC is the standard of measure in the US for how well a buildings' interior walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, and exterior walls reduce sound from traveling. Outside the US there are various standards of measure to achieve the same rating. In Canada, ASTC is the standard used.

What is Apparent Sound Transmission Class (ASTC)?

ASTC includes the contributions from flanking transmission of sound and therefore is a better descriptor of the acoustic performance of the building. The ASTC rating between dwelling units must be 47 or greater for compliance with the 2015 NBCC.