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Abuse Resistant 

Protect your Walls with Abuse and Impact-Resistant Drywall

Abuse-resistant drywall is stronger than traditional gypsum board. In some cases, it can provide up to five times the protection of your standard drywall products. Impact-resistant drywall is better able to withstand force and pressure caused by residents in the building and other items the wall comes into contact with. Builders often choose this drywall option in order to create a durable building to limit owner liabilities and repair costs.

There are several use cases where abuse-resistant walls are beneficial. Specifically, they are meant for high-traffic and high-occupancy areas where there is more potential for abuse. A few common areas where high abuse drywall is found include apartments, hotels, dorm rooms, hallways, lobbies, classrooms, garages, and correctional facilities. Abuse-resistant drywall is meant for building interiors and (in some cases) ceilings.  

Another benefit of choosing abuse-resistant gypsum board is its noise reduction. This drywall can help block sound waves and prevent noise from spreading across multiple rooms. This is useful in multi-family homes (like apartments and condos) where residents want their privacy, along with schools and office buildings where occupants need to focus.

On top of abuse-resistance and soundproofing, there are other features of high-abuse gypsum board which makes it a popular choice. This drywall comes with advanced mold and moisture resistance and fire resistance. As a whole, reinforced drywall can better protect a building and everyone inside.   

What is Impact-resistant Drywall?

CertainTeed offers Extreme Impact-resistant drywall through our durable gypsum board product line. This drywall is made for interior wall and ceiling applications that need extra protection. Our product is made with a high-density gypsum board compared to standard drywall. This increases its durability as well as its mold resistance and fire protection. We also use a fiberglass mesh reinforcement for added durability and flexibility without weighing down the drywall.

Impact-resistant drywall still performs like standard drywall in many ways. Our gypsum board is able to accept most textures, paints, and wall-covering materials once it has been sealed with a full-bodied latex primer. The added reinforcement in the drywall won’t be noticeable by the untrained eye but will provide long-term benefits to the occupants of the space.  

Our products achieve high classification levels, per ASTM International standards, for surface abrasion, indentation resistance, soft body impact, and hard body impact. We continue to develop impact-resistant drywall that protects customers and leads industry standards.    

The paper that CertainTeed uses is made of 100% recycled materials while still providing effective mold resistance. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our entire manufacturing process. Within our 14 gypsum board manufacturing facilities, we follow best practices for reclamation and recycling – ensuring that little to no natural resources go to waste. This focus on preservation allows us to make sustainable materials that are ethically used in construction.  

Impact-resistance drywall is just one solution offered by CertainTeed to build strong and safe structures. Learn more about our durable gypsum product line and get to know other durable drywall options that can meet your specific building needs.