So Many Profiles. So Many Options.

2TL - with its TightLapÔ design - is what you have come to expect from Beadboard. TightLap gives you the best of both worlds - the larger lap of the 4' x 8' Beadboard panel and the traditional tongue & groove of our Beadboard. But why stop there?

3TL is unlike anything else on the market. At 8-1/4" actual width, 3TL is a third wider than 2TL so it will cover the same area faster than any standard Beadboard profile installation.

With either 2TL or 3TL, TightLap delivers faster installation, better hold, a larger concealed nailing area, and reversable bead/channel repeat.

The Superior Benefits of Restoration Millwork: 

  • Superior quality and excellent dimensional accuracy
  • FinishedEdge™
  • Natural White - ready to install
  • Low-maintenance and long-lasting UV-resistant material
  • Can be painted to complement exterior colors
  • Cuts and mills with traditional woodworking tools
  • Fastens with nails or screws
  • Class A (Class 1) Flame Spread Classification
  • Meets ICC and CCMC Code requirements
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Contains recycled content
  • 25-year limited warranty

See our brochure for complete product offering. 


For proper installation, using an appropriate PVC cement is critical especially for miter and scarf joints to help control expansion and contraction. We recommend Extreme PVC Trim Welder® or Partite® Adhesive. Our complete installation manual gives you the detailed instructions you need to help with proper installation.

Warranty Details

CertainTeed stands behind our Restoration Millwork® product with a 25-year limited warranty.

Sustainability Information

Sustainability for a Lifetime

CertainTeed respects the environment through the responsible development of sustainable building products and systems.  CertainTeed cellular PVC Trim gives building professionals and homeowners confidence that the homes they design, build, maintain and occupy are made with sustainable materials that enhance every projects performance and beauty.

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