Speed up your ceiling installs with the strength and stability of the EZ Stab Bolt Slot System.  Available in an 1/8" reveal, this system creates an attractive 3-D effect in the open space between panels. 

Features & Benefits

  • New EZ Stab stainless steel clip technology offers consistent stability that speeds installations
  • Double-stitched web and staggered rivet holes add stability and reduce twisting
  • Mitered Design on cross tee and main runner intersections produces a clean, continuous slot with multiple lengths and miter spacing to accommodate many module sizes
  • Grid features fully painted and G30 hot-dipped galvanized steel construction for corrosion resistance
  • ICC Certified (ESR-3336); compliant with L.A. Research Report 25978

Product Offering

  • 9/16" Bolt Slot System available with 1/8" center regress - compatible with certain narrow reveal panels
  • Intermediate and heavy duty certified profiles available
  • Available in standard white (consult with your Sales Rep about custom colors)

Technical Information

Seismic information and performance data for the EZ Stab Bolt Slot system are available in ICC ESR-3336.  Additional technical documentation available for download.


Download Installation Information here.

Warranty Details

A 10-Year Suspension System-Only Warranty and a 15-Year Ceiling and Suspension System Warranty are available for this product.  

Sustainability Information

A Declare label for the QuickSpan system is available with designation: LBC Red List Free.  For more information, please visit the International Living-Future Institute website.  Download additional sustainability information here.

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