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Metal Ceilings and Walls

Lay-In Levels

Offered in a variety of panel sizes with a range of panel depths and finishes that create topography along the ceiling plane.

Metal Ceilings and Walls


The proven durability makes it a reliable selection for standard ceiling applications.

Metal Ceilings and Walls

Gladius™ Ceiling Panels

The metal ceiling panel snaps into place on a 15/16” grid using a patented “stab and click” design. The self-centering, self-leveling, and self-aligning installation is set by an audible “click.”

Metal Ceilings and Walls

Metalinx™ Ceilings

For versatility, creativity, and economics in your ceiling, our Metalinx line of woven wire and expanded metals can provide adaptability with a variety of materials and design choices.

Metal Ceilings and Walls

Open Cell Ceiling

These ceiling systems create a clean plenum mask and offer easy access to lighting, HVAC, sprinklers, speakers, and security systems in a versatile range of patterns, configurations, and finishes.

Metal Ceilings and Walls

Metal Walls

Contractor-friendly Metal Walls use standard system components to accommodate standard and field-fabricated construction.

Fiberglass Ceilings and Walls

Ecophon® Hygiene Advance™ Wall Panels

Felt Ceilings and Walls

HeartFelt® Nuvola™

HeartFelt® Nuvola™ brings the innovative and artistic cloud panels option to our portfolio of patented felt ceiling systems.