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Metal Ceilings and Walls

Multi-Box Networks

The use of universal carrier system to provides layout combinations with 2", 4", 6", and 8" linear panel widths, three depths, and four lengths. Available in wood veneer, wood-look finishes, metallic,

Metal Ceilings and Walls

300C - Linear Plank

his panel offer a subtle, long span design for interior ceilings. Featuring a butt-joint, “bevel edge” that moderates panel-to-panel connections for an orderly finished design.

Metal Ceilings and Walls

300C - Linear Plank – Exterior

Designed to withstand wind loads, these panels offer a subtle, long span design for exterior ceilings.

Metal Ceilings and Walls

150F - Linear Metal Soffit System

Designed to withstand exterior environments and wind loading, the 150F Exterior metal ceiling system is ideal for soffits.

Metal Ceilings and Walls

Continuous Linear Grille

This ceiling system uses a universal carrier for simple design and installation.

Wood Ceilings and Walls


This line of prefabricated veneered beams creates unique ceiling designs and can be used to complement additional ceiling and wall products to provide depth, separation, and visual interest.

Fiberglass Ceilings and Walls

Ecophon® Akusto™ Wall C Texona

Available Colors:

Metal Ceilings and Walls

84R & 84G – Linear

This linear metal ceiling systems offer a rounded edge linear aesthetic at a nominal 4" width.

Wood Ceilings and Walls


A high-end design aesthetic for open space ceilings, this line of wood canopies includes flat, convex, or concave rectangles and rhombi.

Metal Ceilings and Walls

Exterior Plank

Exterior planks provide solutions when heavier, non-accessible soffits are required.