Bring soft texture and lively energy to any space with felt ceilings

Create an invitingly warm and soothingly quiet setting in any interior space with our Felt Ceiling & Wall options. Whatever design you have in mind - from crisp linearity to undulating, wave-like shapes - our broad range of standard colors and customizable heights and lengths allow you to personalize your acoustic control for uniquely vibrant, client-specific profiles and configurations.

Endless possibilities and designs are available, from our patented HeartFelt® Linear modular ceiling system to the various configurations of our Baffle and Open Cell options.

Breathe life into your indoor environment. Choose your style and design below. 

Crisp linearity meets the warm texture and acoustic control of felt in this award-winning innovation, available in two versatile color families.

Straight linear beams or wave-like forms offered in an array of shapes, sizes, and profiles for limitless creative possibility. 

With endless configurations available, boundless design options emerge to make any space one-of-a-kind.

Our newly released Felt panels combine the comforting visual of felt with the exceptional acoustical performance of Techstyle. Choose from multiple colors to find the perfect harmony in creating a warm and inviting space.